Lien Pham

Lien Pham is a forgiveness coach. A forgiveness coach uses specialized forgiveness practices to help those with physical or emotional issues. As an alternative to more traditional counselor, Lien is dedicated to a practice style that is beyond talk therapy. She provides tools to help reduce stress and address chronic pain. She has a master’s degree in health psychology and a bachelor’s degree in biology. She provides holistic counseling and guidance to individuals and families. She treats her client as a whole person.

 Lien first used forgiveness to heal after a serious car accident. Her neurosurgeon refused to operate and recommended that she find another way to heal her back. Forgiveness therapy was instrumental in her recovery. She has resumed a normal life and has resumed her practice of martial arts. She now uses her knowledge and experience to help her others address emotional issues and promote healthy pain free lives.

Lien is a strong believer in integrative and holistic health practices that use a combination of different modalities to help her clients work through their problems for profound personal transformation. As a strong believer in the body-mind connection, she has experience and training in mindfulness-based cognitive-behavioral therapy, guided imagery, emotional management skills, and mindfulness meditation. She helps her clients to build and improve connections with themselves, friends, family, and community. 

She considers herself a teacher, a coach, and a fellow learner to help others become more mindful in self-care skills to reduce their depression, anxiety, anger, and stress. She is passionate about collaborating with her clients to assist them in understanding themselves and their world to improve their physical, mental, and spiritual wellness. Driven by problem-solving, she helps others overcome obstacles, boundaries, beliefs, models, and conditions to realize and expand their potential. 

Lien has provided individual coaching and lectures on body-mind connection to improve personal health and wellness. She continuously improves and expands her knowledge and education in psychology and spirituality to deliver effective services.

Lien is a Vietnamese-American who was born in Vietnam and grew up in California. Driven by her spiritual background, she has developed a strong sensitivity to suffering and has dedicated much of her life to helping others.